Around Idham Inn

Unique in nature, Valparai focuses on eco tourism unlike the popular spots like Ooty, Munnar or Kodaikanal. Situated in the Aanamalai Hills of Western Ghat, this place is full of forests and tea garden with plenty of opportunities to explore the streams and valleys. This place is blessed with abundant flora and fauna making it a complete holiday destination.

Valparai has the unique distinction of being the only hill station in the world with 12 dams and hydro electric power stations.

Places to see…

Aanamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
With a total area of 958 sq kms, this sanctuary is famous for green pigeon, pangolin, sloth bear, panther, elephant, tiger, gaur, deer etc. It is located at an altitude of 140m ASL and is very close to Pollachi.

Aaliyar Dam
Located in the foothills of Valparai, The Aliyar Dam is a well-known picnic spot. Tourists can have a day out in the park by the dam. The park opens at 8.30am and is very popular among children and families. home_pic_3

This is at a distance of 24km from Pollachi.

Birla Falls
Only 2km from Valparia is the amazing Birla Falls, surrounded by green estates. It is a sheer delight to watch the fall from such a great height.

Sidhi Vinayagar Temple
Five kilometers from Valparai is the Sidhi Vinayagar Temple (owned by Jayshree tea industries) set amidst beautiful tea gardens. An ideal place for those looking for a bit of tradition during their stay.


Manompally Forest
Located about twenty kilometers from the town, Manompally Forest is the real jewel in the crown for Valparai. The sights are jaw-droppingly awesome. The river Manompally is full of crocodiles, which adds to the excitement of your river adventure. Hiking in the forest is fun and gives you the chance to see some endangered species of animals.

Prior permission from the Forest Department required.

Grass Hills
Words can hardly describe the beauty of this place. If you are looking for a secluded, enchanting and phome_pic_2eaceful place to spend your holiday, Grass Hills is the place you will love to be at. Grass Hills is a part of Indira Gandhi National Park and is a remnant of the unique shola grasslands found only in the higher reaches of the Western Ghats. A host of species found here, like the Nilgiri tahr and Nilgiri Pipit, are not found anywhere in the world.  The door to this place is strictly opened to nature lovers only. Prior permission from the Forest Department required.